Regents School of Austin lacrosse

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Fundamentals: Ground Balls

Picking up ground balls in lacrosse can be one of the most important skill on the field. At any point where a player drops the ball or misses a pass it creates the opportunity for turnover and/or unsettled opportunity to score. Ground ball stats usually reveal the winning team. It makes sense: the more ground balls you pick up the more you gain possession, and create more time for scoring opportunity and offensive play.

Ground Ball Scooping Tips & Techniques:

  • Ground balls are simple but repetition and speed
  • Practice scooping up balls:
    • still running to the ball
    • ball moving toward you (run through the GB)
    • ball moving passed you (run through the GB)
  • Learn to "box out" like basketball
  • Be able to scoop the ball with both hands (the most natural and common way to pick of ball is with your weak throwing hand)
  • Roll out from preassure. Run through the ground ball, continue about 5 yards, make a U-turn holding the head of your stick to the outside

Watch these videos to help:


Ground Ball Roll Outs


In this effective ground ball drill, once a player picks up a ground ball, he will sprint away from trouble, turn, free his hands and then quickly get rid of the ball. The goal is to simulate ground ball situations that typically happen during a game – and this is the ideal drill to work on them.