Regents School of Austin lacrosse

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Fundamentals: Throwing

Just like catching the ball you can't play lacrosse without being about to successfully throw the ball. Whether your clearing the from defense, passing in offense, or taking a shot you have to have the proper throwing technique. This skill is the most important skill in the game of lacrosse. It is important that each Knights Lacrosse player learns proper technique and practices often.

Here are some tips to throwing a lacrosse ball:

  • Relax!
  • Proper Form
    • Holding the stick - the way you hold the stick with your top hand is important. If you only have it in your top hand you want to hold your fingers like you would if you were throwing it like a spear or javelin
    • Throw a lacrosse ball is like being a pitcher in baseball
      • Start stance with one foot back
      • Throw starts with feet, then hips, shoulders, elbows, hands, then snap the wrists.
      • Follow throw (yes, your back foot may lift)
  • Lift elbows up and keep your arms away from body
  • Like catching, it is often done in motion. Run to the target and/or run perpendicular.

Watch Helpful Videos: